TEX!TV – NEXT TEXTILE Lecture: Gabriella Wulff – Swedish School of Textiles

Transparency – the rationales, work and consequences of working with transparency at Nudie Jeans Co. An institutional perspective on a Swedish denim company’s transparency work

In 2012, Nudie Jeans took on an ambition to become ‘the most transparent company in the world’. The ambition is reflected in a general trend in society towards increased openness and transparency. But what does ‘transparency’ actually mean in practice? What work is carried out within the organisation, for what reasons and with what consequences?

Based on her dissertation on transparency in a Swedish denim company, Gabriella Wulff presents and discusses how Nudie Jeans Co. worked towards increasing organisational transparency.

Gabriella Wulff, PhD is a lecturer at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, where she is responsible for courses in field studies as well as the future of fashion retail. She is also a researcher at Centre for Consumption at Gothenburg University. Her interest lies in finding sustainable solutions for the fashion and clothing industry. Her current research project is on sales and discounts in clothing companies, and how it relates to profitability and sustainability of the firm. She has an in-depth knowledge on the textile and clothing industry, with a PhD thesis on transparency in a Swedish denim company, as well as field study experience from Portugal and Bangladesh.