TEX!TV – Christiane Dolva – Fjällräven

Webinar from NEXT TEXTILE 2020

Emotional longevity – is there a market for timeless design

Prolonging a products lifespan is one of the most important aspects of sustainable product development. Durability is key, but ensuring a long lifespan is more than just creating products that can endure wear and tear. How can product developers ensure a product will be used, loved and cared for in the long run. What is required to create that emotional longevity, and is there a market for creating timeless products. The lecture will give an insight into how Fjällräven works with the concept of emotional longevity and what impacts this has on a products environmental footprint.

Christiane Dolva is the Head of Sustainability at Fjällräven. She has been working with sustainability for the past 10 years, and been responsible for Fjällrävens strategy for the past 6 years. Her passion is to marry her love for nature and outdoor activities with her engagement for creating long-term sustainable business strategies.