TEX!TV – Haglöfs Elaine Gardiner NEXT TEXTILE 2021 lecture


Climate commitments and the supply chain

Climate targets often come with promises of increasing the use of lower impact materials such as those containing recycled content, but what about the impact of the factories used to process those materials?
As companies commit to more ambitious climate commitments beyond their own organisation’s footprint, the supply chain and sourcing of materials become key to meeting those targets.
Limiting the discussion to material types or recycled content misses an important part of the equation which is the factories used to process those materials.
Processing factories account for a large part of the impact and must be part of any emissions reduction plan.

Elaine Gardiner originally trained as a chemical engineer working in R&D in FMCG around the world for almost 10 years before moving into sustainability. She has worked in sustainability in the outdoor industry for 7 years and has also spent time running the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership sustainable supply chain post graduate programs. At Haglöfs Elaine is responsible for overall sustainability strategy and integration into the business strategy.

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