Next Textile 2020 – Magnus Ohlsson moderator

NEXT TEXTILE: What challenges does our industry face when it comes to future consumer values and behaviour? Meet up in Borås on October 22 to take part in an inspiring and rewarding day that most likely will change your view of how to make business in the future.

Magnus Ohlsson’s curiosity for the changes we now are experiencing has kept him constantly looking to the future and in touch with the trends that will affect the business of the future. We’re proud and pleased that Magnus will be the moderator of NEXT TEXTILE 2020 as well as one of the speakers.

Magnus Ohlsson is CEO and co-owner of the recruitment and analysis company We Hunt for Heads. He has worked in retail since 1994, in the sports industry amongst others. In recent years, he has been active at boardroom level.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the textile industry?
– Digitalization is driving consumers to online stores with lower margins while the fashion industry is over-established in physical stores. In addition, the issue of sustainability and global overproduction creates a common challenge.

Why do you think people should join NEXT TEXTILE 2020?
– The industry is at a turning point in terms of the conditions for producing, marketing and selling its products. Digitalization and the circular economy are prerequisites for getting to the starting blocks in tomorrow’s market. These are just some of many important topics we’ll discuss during the day.

What will your contribution be as a moderator?
– Hopefully I can contribute by asking the right questions and by helping to create a positive atmosphere over the day. My own speech, ”Business as Unusual” will also focus on a number of critical issues the industry faces.

Is there any speaker you’re particularly looking forward to?
There are so many exciting speakers, but if I had to choose, I’d say that I’m very curious to hear Charles Ross’ speech about greenwashing.

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